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Book of total works "MICHIKO HOSHINO : Catalogue Raisonne"

published on 2006 by ABE Publishing Ltd.
Soft-cover Book : 182 Pages with 110 Photos : Price: 8000Yen
Hard-cover Book of it's Special Edition (includes 2 original prints with1 frame : Price 40.000Yen ) Ed.30...rest 2

Quarterly magazine "HANGA GEIJYUTU"
featured articles in : No.52,   No81,   No.98,   No.145

published by ABE Publishing Ltd.

Cover page picture of the yearly magazines BORGIANA
"Labyrinth"   No.0('00),   No.1('01),   No.2('02),   No.3('03),   No.4('04),   No.5('05),   No.6-7('07),   No.8-9('10)

published by Japanese Association of J. L. Borges

Book of J. L. Borges "Libro Arena" translated by Hajime Shinoda
reproducted 3 pictures in the 3 pages

published by SHUEI-SHA on 1980 : (reprinted)

Books of J. L. Borges "Borges Collection"
picture-Images were reproducted for their Cover Page